This week at The Book Hut

This is just a snippet of goodness to share what is going on at The Book Hut in Worthing this week.

Well I would be remiss if I did not mention the biggest news this week – that being the East Beach Studios winning Sunny Worthing Awards for Best Arts and Crafts Business! It was a great night, held at St Pauls in Worthing, with many of us hutters in attendance in our glad rags. Here is our official photo, taken by the fantastic Ed Watts:

Sunny Worthing Award for Best Arts & Crafts Business Worthing
Sunny Worthing Award for Best Arts & Crafts Business Worthing

I also managed to finish two rebacks this week, along with some shoulder repair on a little Victorian quarter binding, and a spine repair on a little cloth binding. All very satisfying to get to work on and quite pleasing to see finished – here’s to hoping their owners are also pleased!

Drift Lines, who make the ever popular foxtails and ears, have brought me along another stash of foxtails, as well as some bunny bums! Ears to follow before Easter, and then it will be bunnies & foxes rather than cops & robbers – a bit more gruesome when you think about it!

Drift Lines Bunny Bums!
Drift Lines Bunny Bums!

Finally the pamphlet bindings are done and are now on Etsy for your perusal and purchase!

Pamphlet bindings looking lovely
Pamphlet bindings looking lovely

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  1. have a large paper back 2.5 inches deep 10″ long and 7″ wide. It is not going to last long as a paper back is it possible to have it rebound as a hard back ?/

    1. Hi Jane,

      Many apologies for coming back to you so slowly. I it certainly possible to have a paperback rebound as a hardback, thought depending on the binding, it can sometimes restrict opening. Are you at all local to Worthing and can bring the book to my studio to discuss any options? If not, are you able to send me photographs of the binding?

      All the best,

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