City Lit Bookbinders Exhibition

‘So much variety and fabulous work with the definite feel of a top of the range gallery – indeed much better than many exhibitions I have seen’ 

The Principle of the City Lit, Peter Davies

As our bookbinding year came to an end, we were given the opportunity to exhibit some of our work in the display cases at the City Lit. Unsurprisingly I was immensely excited about this, and so diligently went to photograph my first exhibited work!!! Our books were displayed in two glass cases on the ground floor of the City Lit, which you can see here.

These show my two books on display, my coptic binding and the limp binding with the circles and ribbons next to Emily’s japanese binding.

I think these two were Bob’s – one was his coptic binding, which he made amazingly by carefully cutting out paper (BY HAND!) to make the intricate designs. For the second one, a disappearing spine pamphlet, Bob made the cover design and then had it printed onto book fabric, which he then used to cover the book – amazing! This final coptic binding was Kate’s, which I loved!

C&G Week 11 | Limp Binding

Well this week saw a more productive session than previous weeks on my limp binding. You can see form the first image that I have finished sewing on my tapes (black ribbon) and end papers (black paper). The text block is made up from plotter rolls, its a little ‘hard’ my teacher said – which means that the paper won’t let the thread sink into it – this in turn means that the spine can get a little too thick, as there is no give. So I may not use it again. However, having got this far, the smoothness of the paper is really nice and gives it a liquidly floppy feel, which is very nice.

I’ve also got the mull and craft paper on the spine, which gives it extra strength and aids binding to the cover. Next week we are putting on the covers. Usually the tapes aren’t so long, but these ones will be visible on the covers – they pop through the cover at the spine –  so I have left them long to do something exciting with – though I’m not sure what yet – so any suggestions would be welcome!