Rediscovering the fountain pen (and other favourites)

I recently hit a big landmark birthday (sigh… the wrinkles are coming), and, being blessed with the love of The Man, who knows me so well, I got one of the best presents ever – a brand new Montblanc fountain pen! A thing of pure exquisite beauty. So whilst enjoying the delights of my newest pen, I started to reminiss about the other pens I have loved in the past, and had a rummage in my stationery cupboard to find said pens! And, after a thorough clean, I have got most of them working, with the exception of one – so here they are!

Black Parker pen with 14K nib and black ink

Red Parker pen with blue ink

Montblanc Meisterstuck with with 14K nib and green ink

Blue Sheaffer pen with turquoise ink

Silver Waterman pen with blue ink

Waterman nib in pieces – how sad!
fILOFAX pen for Mini and Pocket organisers

Yard-O-Lead pencil in rolled gold

Sheaffer biro in electroplated gold

Pencil, made in Japan

Very thick pencil, made in Japan

uni POSCA thick pen with light blue ink

Despite all these wonderful pens, my handwriting and spelling is still embarrassingly horrendous – so apologies if you can’t read any of it!

What’s your favourite type of pen?

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    1. I’ve always loved pens too, and suddenly realised I have a mini collection! I tend to purge the bic’s and other biros as I don’t handwrite enough anyway, and it feels like a waste to write with a pen that I don’t love! 🙂

  1. My current favorite is my steel Lamy Logo fountain pen, although my Mont Blanc comes in a close second. I also love my unnamed chinese rollerball pen a teacher once gave me as a graduation gift. ^_^

    Your Mont Blanc and Yard-O-Led pencils are very beautiful!

    1. Thanks! There is always something special about a pen that is a gift! I’ve just this moment remembered a pen I have tucked away somewhere that my grandmother gave me that she had engraved with my name – I have a lot of love for that one – I’ll hunt it out and photograph it!

  2. Happy belated birthday!
    Love your pen collection… I don’t think I could ever write with a fountain pen (too clumsy for them) but I do love looking at them – so pretty!

  3. Happy belated birthday! What a lovely collection of writing instruments. And as for your handwriting…I think it’s beautiful!

  4. Aaw love this! We’re lucky to have partners who understand our love for stationary haha.
    The POSCAs are what I use for painting my headphones but I find them so finicky that I’m upgrading to some very illusive pens by Molotow.
    As far as simple disposables go I’m really into using my Pilot FriXion – erasable rollerball gel? Yes please! It’s great for writing on my student’s work, easy to erase.
    Sadly mine ran out on Sunday, its like losing an arm haha.

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