C&G Week 13 | Paper Decoration and Limp Binding

I have managed to finish folding the cover of my limp binding, I still have to trim the corners so it fits together well, but I thought I would give that a go over Christmas and see how I do.  

I also managed to make some siding papers for my slip case (what covers both sides of the slip case) – which you can see below hanging over the chair. The second one isn’t as good as this one, but they aren’t too bad. As you can see it is all very black and white, which I like. I might do some more of this sort of stuff, I quite like it, I might see if I can mingle some sparkle in it for wrapping paper! – You’ll just have to wait and see – ooh the anticipation is probably killing you!

The ribbons will come through the cover (cloudy paper) and make some sort of design on the front. This is the bit I am struggling with at the moment, and I don’t know what to do – I have potential to do something quite exciting, as I have a lot of ribbons and they are all nice and long, but I can’t think of anything. I was thinking about some sort of spider-web/cross over design, but if anyone as any ideas, let me know – I’m all ears!

C&G Week 11 | Limp Binding

Well this week saw a more productive session than previous weeks on my limp binding. You can see form the first image that I have finished sewing on my tapes (black ribbon) and end papers (black paper). The text block is made up from plotter rolls, its a little ‘hard’ my teacher said – which means that the paper won’t let the thread sink into it – this in turn means that the spine can get a little too thick, as there is no give. So I may not use it again. However, having got this far, the smoothness of the paper is really nice and gives it a liquidly floppy feel, which is very nice.

I’ve also got the mull and craft paper on the spine, which gives it extra strength and aids binding to the cover. Next week we are putting on the covers. Usually the tapes aren’t so long, but these ones will be visible on the covers – they pop through the cover at the spine –  so I have left them long to do something exciting with – though I’m not sure what yet – so any suggestions would be welcome!

C&G Week 10 | Paper Manipulation

Well this week was a lot of fun, and I felt my artistic skills were well tuned in comparison to previous weeks, our designer at work has always said that if you want to be creative and have inspirational ideas, you have to practice, its not about the type of person you are, which I am inclined to believe – as the more I do, the more ideas I have. 

Last night we were doing paper manipulation for the art part of the course (previous weeks have been things like mark making and colour use, which I haven’t been great at), but this one is pretty good – The man thought I’d done it from someone else’s instruction, or copied a pattern – but no – its all me! We’re meant to be doing quite a few paper ones, and then put them in a book, but I don’t think this one will work with a book, it might get squished….  

I’ve also started my first big project, and with the art skills fully functional, I had some steaming ideas for sewing on the tapes to bind the book – more photos on that next week, as I was a bit behind last night, and had to get enough sewn before I left so no time for pics!

C&G Week 8 | Disappearing Spine Pamphlet Binding

So eight weeks in and I’ve been a bit more productive. You’ll see that I now have the corners on my 1/2 bound flat back book – very neat and tidy if I do say so myself, and have finished my disappearing spine pamphlet (called as such because you can’t see the spine). The latter is covered in more National Geographic collages and the 1/2 bound will be covered in some drawings I’ve done.

Unfortunately, when I was ‘casing in’ (sticking all together) my pamphlet (with owl), our teacher was also talking about the corners of the 1/2 bound (pink). She said if we were doing what I was doing to ignore her and she’d tell us again later, but considering I was the only one doing what I was doing, I got a bit distracted by listening to her as well, and now my beautiful owl pamphlet is wonky and I’m going to have to start from scratch. Hmph. Apparently this is a good thing (???), as the marking people like to see mistakes that are practiced and then rectified, still, I like the owl and I’m not sure I’ll find such a nice cover, so I am a little disappointed. Nevermind – practice makes perfect!

My last pamphlet is bowing a little, but apparently this is absolutely fine and is very acceptable in bookbinding, so that one is alright (that was the one with the trees on the front).

C&G Week 7 | Starting with Pamphlet Binding

Not sure if you’ll be interested, but I’m pretty excited – I have finished my first sewn book! This is a pamphlet binding, which means (I think) that it only has one section. This particular one has end papers that are wrapped around the text block and are then fixed to the boards, it’s also a 1/4 bound book meaning that only the spine is covered in cloth. I’m due to finish my other pamphlet binding in two weeks (after half term) as well as my first really proper book, which has multiple sections that are sewn together – VERY exciting, and so far looking not too bad, though the spine is a little big for comfort on the proper one.  

Its quite tricky getting the covers on the boards, as you spend lots of time getting everything right and carefully doing things, then the moment you start pasting, its a race against time! – tricky!   The cover is a collage I have made from an article from the National Geographic on Redwood trees.

Single Section Pamphlet Binding

C&G Week 6 | Beginning Bookbinding

Bookbinding is going well and is SO much fun! I’m in the process of making two pamphlet bindings and one with a dissapearing spine, and a flat back 1/2 cloth binding, which should all be finished around the same time, so I’ll be able to photograph and upload them. I think I’ll make a smaller flat back one at home as the book I am reading states that you should be making about 6 of the same thing at one to really get practice in, so might do that!

…and so it begins!