Scraper Hand Tool – Flat Right Handed


Handmade scraping tool for lifting materials and scraping adhesives in bookbinding and conservation.

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This extremely useful tool has been handmade, shaped, sharpened and covered using a vintage hacksaw blade and cord.

They are arguably as useful and essential as a bonefolder in a bookbinders tool arsenal. Handy for lifting leather, self adhesive tape and paper amongst other materials, they can then go on to be used for scraping adhesive residues and debris from bindings and works of art on paper.

The handle is covered using an upholstery twine to make using them comfortable. Initially they are extremely sharp, but will blunt over time. They can be sharpened to keep a blade, or left to blunt, which can be useful for lifting as well. All hand tools require practice before using on finished objects.

WARNING – They have been sharpened, and will act as a blade, so must be handled with extreme care.

Approximately mm – 150(h) x 15(w) x 4(d)

This has been made for a right-handed user.

You can purchase the upholstery cord here, if you would like to re-cover your scraper or any other tools.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 150 × 15 × 4 mm


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