Corner Cutter


For accurately cutting bookcloth and paper on board corners for a neat turn in.

Available on back-order


These ESSENTIAL corner cutters are for trimming book cloth and paper on board corners. They will help you to trim the board covers PRECISELY to make a neat and accurate turn in. See the video to see them in action.

They are made from oak and brass, and fit a perfect 90 degree angle within the wood. The brass is 3mm thick and van be used as follows:

  • to cut the board cover 3mm away from the corner of your board.
  • to cut precisely 45 degrees from the corner of your board
  • perfect for a 2.50 – 3.00mm thick board.
  • to give you a neat and accurate corner to turn in.
  • to speed up your work.

They are incredibly useful, and make quick work of your corners, accurately and beautifully.

Although I have made these, I cannot take credit for their design. Shown to me by another bookbinder, I believe they originate from Japan. However I have never been able to find them myself – hence making them by hand.


  • 98 x 38 x 20mm
  • approx 90g
  • Brass width is 3mm

Delivery time can be up to two weeks to allow for making them if I have none in stock.


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