Bonefolder, approx 6″


Hand shaped bonefolder, oiled – tools for bookbinding, art, craft, scrapbooking, collage


A CLASSIC tool – the bonefolder is essential to any hand tool kit. They will be useful for any odd job, though they are especially useful for work in bookbinding, book and paper conservation, paper crafts such scrapbooking and collage, and general art work. They can be used for pressing folds, scoring lines, burnishing leather and all sorts of random things!.

They have been shaped by hand on a grinding wheel and then sanded for the smoothness. They are shaped with quite a long gentle point, which I have always found more useful than the stubby machine made ones. They have also been oiled for protection and longevity.

To sustain the life of your bonefolder, you should oil them once a year. This prevents them from becoming brittle and feeds them to keep them long lasting.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 155 × 20 × 5 mm

This has been handmade in some way, either completely when in reference to the bindings, or shaped/treated in terms of the tools


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