Bondina Blotter Pack


For protection of artwork during creation, conservation, repair, framing and mounting – tools and supplies

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These bondina blotter packs consist of a backing layer of mountboard, wrapped in bondina, with a layer of blotter in between. This item includes two packs.

It is specifically designed to let you work on or repair artwork with minimal damage and can be used as follows:

– to absorb any moisture from wheat starch paste repairs.
– to act as a flat surface when sandwiching a tissue repair between two and under a weight. (See picture)
– to flatten small areas when under weight.
– to protect the artwork when weighed down.
– to protect from hands, should you need to lean on art whilst drawing/painting

They are extremely useful, you will find yourself using them in any number of occasions as they become key tools in your conservation or art kit.

They are made from all conservation grade materials, so will not offset any gasses or unpleasant acids.

148 x 105mm
X 2 packs

The leather weights are also available to buy here.

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 150 × 105 × 6 mm


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