Craft Fairs around Sunny Worthing

This weekend saw me attending another Bartie’s Boutique craft fair at the St Pauls venue in central Worthing. It was a good day with a lot of talent on show meaning I had the chance to meet some great people and hope that I can portray a few of them here!


But before I do, I thought I would give the fair a little plug – if you are a local craftsperson looking to hold a stall, or someone who likes to support us makers – Bartie’s Boutique is a great one to attend, with tables from £25-30 to book, it is a great fair to give a go, and very supportive if you have not done a one before. So have a look at the website and if you fancy it but aren’t sure how things all work, get in touch at this end and I’ll help where I can!

In addition to the Bartie’s Boutique, I was also recently asked to attend a very worthwhile Fun Day and Craft Fair at St Matthew’s Church Hall held by 10 year old Mabel, who is raising money for Water Aid – amazing stuff! She raised huge amounts on the day with the help of a raffle, cake sale and other goodies and still collecting on a charity page – Water Aid – if you have some spare change!

So here are some lovely people from both fairs!



These beautiful prints are by We Are Mountain. Sophie has huge amounts of talent with her printing and has been popular in the Worthing Art Trail (more on that next week) – I love the lobster one!



Claire from handmadebyhippo is a mosaic expert based in Brighton, she will create a custom-made mosaic for you – possibly a door number or something for the garden – she is also able to recreate a favourite photo in mosaic, which blew my mind just a little bit!!


Samantha, from Hung On You, is the creator of these wonderful handmade and vintage jewellery pieces (and the amazing stand – might be taking some inspiration from that!), and also the instigator of the Brighton Craft Alliance, which I have set for my future plans – small world, we all meet at these things!


Another slightly different jewellery maker at the fair was Pippa from OoNaNa – who made laser cut jewellery in amazing designs – including, wait for it, chemical formulae!! – Yes, peeps, we can now get our favourite chemical structures on a necklace – Monosaccharide Glucose here I come!!!



Finally from Bartie’s Boutique was Hope from Hope & Ted – a sewing guru offering beautiful handmade goods and sewing classes for kids and adults. This was Hope’s first fair, and she is clearly a natural as her stand looked fantastic! I think I will have to book myself onto one of these classes.

Mabel’s Water Aid Fun Day and Craft Fair saw the return of some familiar faces, which is always really nice, and as always, some new ones. Suzanne from Mrs Bramble Designs had some beautiful hand crafted and sewn goodies, and is also the mastermind behind My Favourite Things… which is a Sussex-based vintage and craft fair organisation for anyone looking to join something in their area. And Alison is a local Worthing based photographer selling some fantastic animal and landscape based prints and cards. Not forgetting the lovely Zoe, who helped her daughter Mabel organise the day and Sally from Mapnation

And, of course, as a final show – my stall at both locations. The more recent table at Bartie’s  might have been my best yet, with a full range of books and the tool roll kits finally on display – and YES, I did sell one!

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