Cookbook in Colour – Project

We have all been asked to bring in dilapidated books, preferably ones that require re-sewing. Togther we’ve brought in a range of interesting books, mine is actually something I had on my bookshelf at home already. It is a cloth case bound book that belonged to my grandfather – a very colourful cookery book from the 60’s/70’s, which I rescued from a clear out some years back with the thought of conserving it, so am quite chuffed I’m actually getting round to doing it! Some pictures below show the book as it looks like in its current state, it also has a lot of little inserts in it with my grandparent’s and mother’s writing, which is quite entertaining!

Apparently the tape is going to be tough to get off (thanks Grandma!!). The endpapers are an integral part of the book, and can’t be discarded or replaced, so I will have to try and get them off…! Our tutor will be coming round to each of us and explaining how we must go about conserving our books, which will take time. So in the meantime, we have started three flat back books, to practice our binding techniques. Here are mine so far:

As you can see I have been practicing using the sewing frame, which I’m starting to love a little bit – I’m not quite used to sitting sideways as they did in days past, as I can’t get my arm round the frame properly, however I’ve seen an etching of women sewing with their arms through the frame, which seems a lot more logical – so I might try that next! One of my classmates, Salvador, also told me that book sections were sewn in large batches on long stretches of tape, and then split up after sewing into separate books – so that’s some thing else to try!  

I’ve also been practicing my marbling (again!!!), with a little more success this time – thanks to another classmate, Naomi, who has given me some Carragean moss for the ink to sit on, and some good instructions (previous attempts were so shameful, there were demoted to making cards!). So I am going to try and cover these books with my new papers – watch this space to see what they’re like – exciting!!!

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  1. Looks great, Maudie! Sorry not to have been in touch sooner. Far too much work on. Enjoying conservation at City Lit though, but looking forward to going back to evening classes! Very interested to see how your repairs progress. kx

  2. Thanks Kate, I will keep uploading images – I'm looking forward to getting started on it!

  3. Maudi Bee, your blog is so interesting! It looks lie you are having lots of fun…. and I really look forward to seeing some more of your work here and in real life. I want to write you a card.. and I will.. to say thank you so much for the little book you sent through to me. It looks like you posted it a while ago and I'm sorry but i have just got around to opening my mail (I don't regularly any way and I've been at Ellen's for a while). It's great and beautifully worked and I have never seen that binding before! It looks like a really good way to put presentations together and I may use it! I'll see you tomorrow sweety. Much love xxxx Chez

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