C&G Week 13 | Paper Decoration and Limp Binding

I have managed to finish folding the cover of my limp binding, I still have to trim the corners so it fits together well, but I thought I would give that a go over Christmas and see how I do.  

I also managed to make some siding papers for my slip case (what covers both sides of the slip case) – which you can see below hanging over the chair. The second one isn’t as good as this one, but they aren’t too bad. As you can see it is all very black and white, which I like. I might do some more of this sort of stuff, I quite like it, I might see if I can mingle some sparkle in it for wrapping paper! – You’ll just have to wait and see – ooh the anticipation is probably killing you!

The ribbons will come through the cover (cloudy paper) and make some sort of design on the front. This is the bit I am struggling with at the moment, and I don’t know what to do – I have potential to do something quite exciting, as I have a lot of ribbons and they are all nice and long, but I can’t think of anything. I was thinking about some sort of spider-web/cross over design, but if anyone as any ideas, let me know – I’m all ears!

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