Bookbinding Update | Week 19

Well – I finished my box, and am pretty proud of it! My teacher loves it which is always a good thing, she always likes us to use papers that we have made, so the fact it is covered in my splish splash paper made her very happy! (I uploaded a picture of the splish splash paper a while back, hopefully you will recognize it in its transformed state!)

Most importantly, the book fits, which is fantastic! Unfortunately it still doesn’t stand up on its own the right way up (its upside down here), but we will skim over that problem – its tricky with such a thin box, but in future there will be no excuse. I just have to snip off my excess ribbons and its complete! 

I am really very pleased with it – there are a couple of things that annoy me, they may not be noticeable to many, but they niggle at me – still – next time it will be better.

Anyway – pictures…

Bookbinding Update | Week 18

Here is the product of last nights activity. I had to take more pics than usual during the evening, otherwise I’ll never rember how to do this again, I may have to make another one, just to practice it at home!

Anywho, this is the slipcase for my ribbon book (limp binding), and praise the lord, the book fits! Unfortunately after this, the second test for a good slip case is if it stands up on its own (the first being the fit of the book!) and sadly mine did not pass this second test, when covering it with cartridge paper, I was able to build it up a bit at the bottom, but whether that will make any difference, we will see next week. The worry over the slightly narrowing head and tail was infact mostly unfounded (though it may have something to do with it not standing up on its own), but luckily it all stuck quite well and the end result is not bad.

Its a little snug, so it remains to be seen whether the book will still fit once I’ve properly covered it, but fingers crossed. I’ve also attached the paper I was planning on covering it with – what do you think?

Bookbinding Update | Week 16

Well yesterday wasn’t as productive as last week, but still good – I was learning about ‘packed sewing’, this is another form of sewing, which dates back to the middle/dark ages. It was used for binding vellum and parchment and all those old forms of paper, the reason being this type of paper would expand at the fore-edge of the book (the bit opposite the spine), the packed sewing would ‘pack’ the thread together at the spine, therefore expanding the spine in compensation for the expanded fore-edge, making the book more square shaped rather than wedged!
All very interesting I thought – this one is a practice and I have not ‘packed’ it out enough, I’m going to do another one at home and make it much bigger, and very colourful – its already looking good! Though that will have to wait after we’ve done tax!!

Bookbinding Update | Week 14

So I didn’t get an awful lot done on Tuesday, I had a bit of a panic that it would all go wrong – lack of confidence – however, I managed to overcome it in the end and get going again, perhaps it was first day jitters! It seems the further you go on a book, the more is at stake, one thing could easily go wrong!!!

The first ribbons are now laced so the cover is not going anywhere. For the rest of the lacing I was thinking of some sort of checker board with voids, but I’m not entirely sure how to do it. We start the slip case next week which is quite exciting!

Bookbinding Update | Week 6

Bookbinding is going well and is SO much fun! I’m in the process of making two pamphlet bindings and one with a dissapearing spine, and a flat back 1/2 cloth binding, which should all be finished around the same time, so I’ll be able to photograph and upload them. I think I’ll make a smaller flat back one at home as the book I am reading states that you should be making about 6 of the same thing at one to really get practice in, so might do that!

Asside from bookbinding, I have also been working on some videos for our new ReMake It: Home book, four vids in all – all using a project of the book. Check out the T-Shirt!

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