Bookbinding Update | Week 33

So I’m going to try and make these shorter and more snappy and keep everyone more excited! Last night was a manic array of different projects all fighting to be completed. Some people were ploughing, others like myself, were working on their coptic bindings and some on their rounded backs!
I managed to complete my coptic binding and cover it and start the phase box for it, but due to the manicness, I have no pictures. We will be continuing the phase box next week, so I’ll take some photos then. Its not a slip case, more of a very fancy protective envelope, which at the moment isn’t going too badly. Sadly the actual binding itself is still pretty rubbish, but I will have to practice the technique more.
I do have the attached picture to interest you, which is a little snippet my lovely sister sent me, which she found whilst researching for her studies. It’s from the London Journal Ladies Supplement and she thinks dates back to around the 1880’s – I rather like it!

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  1. At least you haven't used gum to stick it down! I think it's a shame there is only time on this course to do one example of each thing, as I'm sure we'd all be better with more practice. For me, it seems really random as to whether something works or not. For instance, my Coptic binding, which I was sure would be rubbish, has turned out OK. My ploughing has been disastrous, though!

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