Bookbinding Update | Week 32

Afternoon All! Yesterday I nearly completed my coptic binding, which I have to say, is an atrocious contribution to such a nice form of binding. I managed to rip several sheets whilst trying to tighten the threads, which needless to say, failed anyway! I also found that I have been linking the sections using a kettle stitch instead of a chain stitch, which looks extremely messy – the chain stitch being much more attractive and simple, in addition, my kettle stitches were messy anyway – as I say – a poor contribution

This is the final article without a cover

My mid lesson apple was interestingly decorated!

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  1. Yeah! Yours looks sepupr great! Wonderful paper choices on them all. I love book binding with Jen, she’s a fabulous teacher. And those caramels . those are too die for. Mmmm Now I want one.

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