Bookbinding Update | Week 30

Having contemplated the lack of roundness in my rounded spine book over the last week, I feel I have now come to terms with it and am moving on to the next stage without holding too much resentment for it!
Yesterday I managed to plough the head of my book (the top part of the text block), so it is beautifully smooth and nice looking. Having ploughed away, I then sanded the same edge whilst the book was clamped in the press in order to get a silky smooth feel. Once sanded I was able to paint it! Yes, I have now got a coloured edge to the book, which is EXTREMELY exciting! I painted it with acrylic to match the colour of the end papers (the typed coloured pages I sent pictures off a while back). Once the acrylic dried I then polished it with a special ‘Renaissance Polish’ and brushed it down with a shoe brush.
This is what it looked like in the press just after painting. Now it looks amazingly shiny and has a very nice silky smooth feel to it, which I am thoroughly chuffed with!

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  1. hello maudie – how surprising you do all this diy on your book. Ploughing sounds like you do something like planing the edge to size, then you talk of sanding and polishing and painting the edge – obviously it doesn't stick all the pages together but I wonder why it doesn't. Do you do all the edges this way, it must take a while – it reminds be a bit of grinding telescope mirrors. Is it just a coincidence that T & H have done a book on book binding and is it a very useful book for the practising (should that be a 'c' or an 's') bookbinder. Lots of love daddy xxx

  2. Well the ploughing is to straighten the edge, last week I sent an image of what it was like pre-ploughing. When you paint the edge, it is put very tightly in a book press so no paint seeps into the pages. The polishing is to seal the paint and stop it coming off. Looks really nice!!

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