Bookbinding Update | Week 26

Well last night was a success, if not a little nerve wracking! I learned how to plough a book for the first time, my first time attempt being on my project 2 book (Journey to the Centre of the Earth). I don’t think it went too badly, though there are a couple of wrinkles on a small part of it – though I’m hoping these won’t be so visible to the normal eye!
To plough the book properly, you have to make sure the spine of the book is completely straight, as there is no moving it when it is gripped by the press (the bit that looks a bit like a Black ‘n’ Decker). If it’s put in wonky, when you take it out of the press, having ploughed away, it would then resume its original shape and distort the ploughed edge – most disappointing. I’m pleased to say that I did manage to get mine fairly straight, and have now got a beautifully ploughed foredge!
The funny looking wooden contraption sitting on top of the press is, in fact, the plough. Once aligned all correctly, you run this (very carefully) up and down the text block, and it will shave off the paper, a few pages at a time – genius! Any dodgy running, and the pages may snag, leaving you with a ruined text block.

We will also  be ploughing the head of the book at a later stage, which will be done after rounding and backing. The method will be a little different, so I will tell all when I know – bet you can’t wait!!

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