Bookbinding Update | Week 24

Sorry for missing out last week – I am sure you are all pining for the missing update and having not so minor withdrawal symptoms! 

Well last night was fairly productive, I was continuing on from my task last week, which was to sew my sections – rather nerve racking, as it is important to keep the straight edge in line. This edge I had already trimmed on the board chopper. You can trim the edges after they have been sewn, but it is quite time consuming, so our tutor was keen for us to get a bit of a head start on this one. I don’t think we could risk doing anymore than one trimmed edge as it is very hard to keep them in line when sewing.

I managed to complete sewing the sections of my book, sadly they went a little skew at the top, when my hard edge that was keeping it all in line was outgrown by the text block, but its good enough for a first attempt. I then had to sew on my end papers, I only managed one this week as time was short and I didn’t want to rush anything. This was a little tricky, as you may remember they were a little wonky when I made them, but hopefully it will look alright. I’m a little concerned they’re not tight enough, but we shall have to wait and see.

I’ve also included a picture of my desk, as its always nice to see people’s work spaces!

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