Bookbinding Update | Week 18

Here is the product of last nights activity. I had to take more pics than usual during the evening, otherwise I’ll never rember how to do this again, I may have to make another one, just to practice it at home!

Anywho, this is the slipcase for my ribbon book (limp binding), and praise the lord, the book fits! Unfortunately after this, the second test for a good slip case is if it stands up on its own (the first being the fit of the book!) and sadly mine did not pass this second test, when covering it with cartridge paper, I was able to build it up a bit at the bottom, but whether that will make any difference, we will see next week. The worry over the slightly narrowing head and tail was infact mostly unfounded (though it may have something to do with it not standing up on its own), but luckily it all stuck quite well and the end result is not bad.

Its a little snug, so it remains to be seen whether the book will still fit once I’ve properly covered it, but fingers crossed. I’ve also attached the paper I was planning on covering it with – what do you think?

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