Aerial photography of Goring

Over the past week I have been working hard on my instructions for a tool roll and getting together some kits to upload to my Etsy shop, unfortunately they are not quite finished, so they will have to wait until next Monday – However – in an effort to remain entertaining to any readers, I have a slightly different post today. When I was not diligently working on my tool roll kits over the weekend, I have to admit, I was playing with The Man’s newest gadget – bought under the guise of “Maudie – I really need it for work purposes”…

So, without further ado, some photos and a short film of Goring, taken from a remote control helicopter thing – there is a technical term for it, but God only knows what it is!

I’m not sure if this will work – maybe also turn your sound off, or all you’ll get is propeller noises.

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