A Book for a Hen

You may recall that some time back I made a book for a bride – my oldest friend, who is getting married in August. Well the weekend just gone was her hen-do – a raucous event of karaoke and champagne amongst other things! And, as many hen-do’s do – this one required a hen book!

This duty obviously came my way and I endeavoured to make it well and in the style of the previous one so they matched. A nice part of this book was that all the chicks (is that the term??) had a huge input into it, as they made their own pages for the book, as apposed to giving me their pictures and notes and me putting it all together. It worked really well and I think the bride was quite chuffed!

In leaving the pages up to the girls, I had to give them specific instructions as to the layout so that when I got them, they were similar enough for me to bind together in a book like structure. The plan was to have two landscape A4 sheets that I could stick together in the middle and then sew through. I used pink guards to make them more similar and give extra support, which matched the paper on the cover. That, along with the ribbon and scrunched up paper, meant it all came together nicely and matched the previous one quite well!

The A4 pages joined at the middle
The pink guards

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