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New notebooks in my shop!

I have FINALLY(!!) managed to put some notebooks up on my Etsy shop page, which hopefully look quite nice! They are leather bound, so pretty fancy-pancy and in a few nice colours. Some also have raw/rough edges for all you rugged men out there who really want a pretty notebook, but will show face with […]

Bookbinding Update | Week 20

Well this week was a catch up week, which meant I was able to finish my ribbon book and my packed sewing sample. The former was a little disappointing as when I stuck the ribbons down, they were rather tight and pull the cover back on itself quite a lot, so it took me a […]

Bookbinding Update | Week 19

Well – I finished my box, and am pretty proud of it! My teacher loves it which is always a good thing, she always likes us to use papers that we have made, so the fact it is covered in my splish splash paper made her very happy! (I uploaded a picture of the splish […]

Bookbinding Update | Week 18

Here is the product of last nights activity. I had to take more pics than usual during the evening, otherwise I’ll never rember how to do this again, I may have to make another one, just to practice it at home! Anywho, this is the slipcase for my ribbon book (limp binding), and praise the […]

Bookbinding Update | Week 17

Well last night was a mixture of emotions, good and bad! The bad bit was not disastrous, but not fantastic either really – we were making the slip cases for our project 1 limp bindings (the one with the ribbons) and we had to trim the edges, which on mine are very narrow. The edges […]

Bookbinding Update | Week 14

So I didn’t get an awful lot done on Tuesday, I had a bit of a panic that it would all go wrong – lack of confidence – however, I managed to overcome it in the end and get going again, perhaps it was first day jitters! It seems the further you go on a […]